Whispers in the Wind!


Hello Dear Reader,
GOD BLESS YOU TODAY as You read this message I have for You from Jesus. May You Arise upon eagle wings soaring in His Goodness and Love for You.

Here it is:

Today is a day like no other day it is filled to overflowing with My Goodness overshadowing You. It is a day of explosive Joy in The Holy Spirit. It is a day of Great Reward filled to overflowing with Prosperity in My Love for You. My Child – Arise in My Joyous Joy let your being be filled with My Goodness. Everything about this day I have made is for You to Rejoice in. Lift up your head and look deep into my eyes and You will see the Joy & Delight I have for You. Your today is a day of discovery into the things I have prepared for You. In stillness there is Joy, that overcomes all things in My Fullness. Stillness is not idleness it is an activity in the Spirit. It brings forth an energy that can only be attained in stillness. From it comes creativity and beauty that Arises from deep within You in My Power which is released into your life. A power that accompanies You to achieve the goals set out before You from the foundation of the earth. Father’s creativity works in and through your stillness it brings forth a knowing that can only comes forth where silence is allowed to speak into your spirit. Then and only then can you find solance that brings forth Wisdom from above into your life. That Wisdom takes You by the hand and leads You into My Fullness. I am talking about the deep things of God, The Father. He only gives His Wisdom to those who are willing to stripe away self and become vulnerable to His LEAD. Silence and stillness is an activity that requires your being confident that I am in control of every aspect of your life. It’s a willingness to allow me to be, “I Am” in your life, that I can become your all in all. In that very moment of total reliance in and upon My Ablity to do all that is require in and through your life is fulfilled in the fullness of our Abba’s Ordained Purpose for yours. Those around you will think that you have lost it. And will be at log ahead’s with You. Even angry with you, for your stillness. But if, You stand your ground and follow my lead You will see my hand at work. Moving mountains out of your way, my providence will provide for you in ways You can’t imagine Possible. I will work into your life, miracles that cause your life to prosper in ways You can’t imagine Possible. I am building my house for you to enjoy not only in Heaven but also upon the earth. Your stillness brings forth great wealth, health and prosperity that man can only dream of attain. So be be still and know that I Am, GOD.
Love Jesus.

I hope and pray you have been Blessed and inspired to tackle this TODAY with vigor and enthusiasm in JESUS STILLNESS. SHALOM BELOVED READER. ENJOY.



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