Whispers in the Wind!


Hello Dear Reader,

WELOME to my blog. TODAY as You read my blog I pray your spirit will become lite and filled with expectation. Whatever is needed in your life TODAY is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE.

I have written this article hoping to encourage You and by the time you’re finished, Your spirit will be filled with Confidence & Anticipation. ENJOY & be BLESSED.

Here it is:

Matthew 19:26 (NIV)
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Now let’s start our journey by building our spiritual home in JESUS with nothing more than our faith, confident Father God’s Will, will be done in our lives, giving us hope to succeed in JESUS – HIMSELF. Looking ahead to a future in the midst of His own abundance and provision. Supplying our every need in such away, all that, is needed is met abundantly, effortlessly flows towards us, through our trust, in His Ability and Goodness. Our faith draws and attracts the unseen into the seen.

You don’t believe me, it is True.

JEHOVAH GOD is The GOD of THE POSSIBLE, nothing is impossible for HIM. JUST look around you, with your eyes focused on His Creation and beauty around You. Even looking at oneself everything about You is beautiful and perfect. You are The Apple of God’s eye, hand crafted by The Master Crafter. Once we can grasp the enormity of God’s creation and His Love for us. Something so wonderful happens to You and me, that no words can describe, enveloped in a co-coon saturated in pure peace that surpasses all wisdom and understanding. LOVED & BELOVED beyond measure, we never won’t to be separated from it. Realizing how precious we are in the sight of God. When He looks at You & me, His heart melts with pure joy, hungering to fellowshipping with us, revealing unsearchable things to us we know not. He longs to clothe us in His Fine garments of The Possible, opening our eyes to look deep within Himself where the treasures of His Wisdom are hidden. As we dressing ourselves with an attitude of THE POSSIBLE, there will be nothing we cannot do. We develop a mindset of possibilities focusing our attention on things above where He lives becomes crystal clear in our spirit and mind’s eye, where all things are birthed into our lives.

Therefore, joined me from today forth, clothing yourself with THE POSSIBLE ie: Faith, Hope and Love. In AMAZEMENT You & I, together, we will be SUPERNATURALLY raised, giving birth to The IMPOSSIBLE. Our dreams will no longer just be a dreams instead they will become energized to realize those dreams, as they are meant to be realized. Our being vibrating with Vision and Contemplation, confidence building within us, drawing from the source of infinite wealth and vaults of Heaven. We can only imagine what awaits us as we move step by step into uncharted waters, and find an inheritance of riches beyond our wildest imagination, awaiting us. These riches are not of the earth they are more valuable and sure as they hold within them an Energy and Power that is not of this world. They belong to the Initiator & Creator of all things.


GOD knows in advance our every need and lovingly will supply them. Therefore, as we trust in Him, He opens the door of His Goodness and lavishes us with It.


Beloved Reader in our LORD JESUS GOODNESS overshadowing YOU, nothing is impossible for You as You are in the company of THE GOD of THE POSSIBLE. God Bless You TODAY, in HIMSELF. Shalom.



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