Whispers in the Wind!


GOD BLESS U Dear Reader TODAY as you read my latest blog. May You be filled to overflowing with JOY & DELIGHT. ENJOY.



Each day, starts a new page in our life, it’s like taking a brand new white piece of paper. Now, what shall be written on it? The story of the days events ahead. We do not know, what is prepared for the day, unless, we take guidance for it.

Who, do we approach?
Who, knows the outcome from beginning to end.

In intimate pray, we approach, The Great, I AM, who has written in His Book, the events of our TODAY. He, alone holds our TODAY in the palm of His hand. Knowing, every imitate detail.

Let Him write it, on our heart, then, dressing ourselves in His Righteousness. Confident, His Will accompany’s You and me, on our days, journey, through the highways and by-ways ahead of us. Resting, assured all is Blessed in this day, as, His Goodness & Mercy follows after Us.

“This is the Way, walk in it. My patures are green and lush, come, drink from My river, that, will refresh and strengthen You.”

We, only have to worry about each step we take in His Gigantic foot-prints. Then, we are steadied and carried, when, needed. Always, hanging real close to our Masters, direction. Listening, for His Gentle voice, to whisper in our ear. Giving us, His Wisdom, to handle each circumstance we find ourselves in. We move through the jungle of life, sometimes, dark and scary, but, knowing our footsteps are guided.

What solance and peace of mind, we have inherited. Nothing is more wonderful than knowing our Master is close. Ready to move us through the maze of life’s many challenges, that test us continually.

Peace, that belongs to us, who holds fast to the Only True, I AM, is blessed under the covering shadow of THE MASTERS SHADOW. Our Today, is written, if, only, we would take the time, too seek guidance for it. Our SHALOM – JESUS – is ready and willing to take, our hand and stand at our side before The Throne of our Abba-Daddy, asking, for His Will to be done in our TODAY.

WHAT, excitement and Joy awaits us, as, Daddy, streches out His scepter, granting us, an audience with Him. Saying, “Come My child.” and as, we come forward, Our LORD Jesus speaks, on your behalf.

Oh, what JOY to be in the very Presence of our GOD. OUR whole being electrified, trembles, knees shaking in reverence. Bowing down low, in adoration filled with complete AWE.

Father, speaks, “Arise, dress yourself, in JESUS, royal garments.”

Angels around the throne, lead you and me into Jesus’ Royal Chambers and dress us in HIS ROYAL GARMENTS of RIGHTEOUSNESS & HOLINESS.

Oh, what, Splendor is this!
What honour!
We are mere flesh!

THANK YOU for reading my blog I pray You have been Blessed and energized with Great Hope & Expectation. Have a BEAUTIFUL JESUS DAY – BLESSED in every way. SHALOM ever Present with You – TODAY in JESUS NAME. AMEN.



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