Whispers in the Wind!


I wonder what this world would be like, if, everyone you meet, was full of Joy and Laughter. Smiling faces SMILING back at You and me. Just happy to see You. Strangers greeting You with a
“How are you?”
“Nice to see or meet You, attitude.”

Sunshine, radiating, every where you or I look. No matter whether, the actual sun is shining or not. Positive energy, flowing every where You or I, go.

Just dreaming I know, but, wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL?

How do You think we could make that, happen?

Here’s an idea!

If, each one of us determined, to sMiLe at the world around us, no matter what! Wouldn’t it be a start to changing the atmosphere we live in?
It starts with one sMiLe, that becomes another, that attracts another and before you & I know it, the world around us starts to WARM UP. Can You imagine the energy, we can given off, by just one sMiLe, can cause a contagious chain reaction, of Goodwill, Positive Energy being released. We all have that contagious, energy, bottled up, within us to give.

So, the next time You step out into your world, dress yourself with a sMiLe that says,

“Hello World, life is GOOD” …… and let’s see what happens!!

So put on a CONTAGIOUS SMILE, Dear Reader and You will be AMAZED at the GOODWILL attracted towards You.




Comments on: "CONTAGIOUS SMILE." (1)

  1. Hello Gratis,
    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, and I’m glad U enjoy it. GOD BLESS U.

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