Whispers in the Wind!


My Beloved Sweet Aroma I hear the melody of your heart, and my heart is overwhelmed by your beauty. Look up, My Child, I Am here at your side to Bless You in the secret places of your being. Deep down where the world can’t see. Where, I can see.

I love to open your spirit to perceive the beauty I have instilled within U. That place that hides the secrets of our Abba’s Joy. I long for You to allow me the honor of revealing My JOY that lyes dormant within You igniting your spirit in such away, You, dance for JOY and lightens your step upon the earth. Filling it with Beauty that is beyond your wildest dreams and aspirations, hidden deep within Abba’s heart for you, that, You might ARISE fully dressed in Myself, overshadowing You. Into that place, where Wisdom resides in My Love and allows You, the freedom to move in harmony with Me. It is a place where supernatural understanding is known, filling your life with My Awe and Splendor. Through it You no longer have to strive or doubt in yourself as we are One in Spirit that overcomes and rejoices in who You are in Me. We are one in our Daddy’s AGAPE, who, causes you to moves by unction of His Spirit and Will. You can relax in fellowship with Him enjoying His tenderness towards You, our Heartbeat beating in yours, filling you with SHABBAT – SHALOM – SABBATH REST.

You see, MY JOY, in all things you are enveloped in FATHER’s SUPERNATURAL LOVE with Me, that causes all life to breath in HIMSELF. LIFE on earth is supposed to be as it is in Heaven. Once You grasp this, your world and life becomes a Sweet pungent Aroma and fragrance that permeates the world that touch yours. A GIFT held in AWE of Father GOD’s LOVE for His creation. Touching your life in such away that your life becomes His PRESENCE within You, as, I AM EVER -PRESENCE with and within you.

Do you see?
Do You, perceive what I’m saying?

Meditate on My Word and let it become apart of you, your mind crystal clear, I AM, ever present in your life. You only need to Relax and enjoy the gift of our LOVE – AGAPE -LOVE. Supernaturally moving You from what is seen to that which is not seen, manifesting in and through your life. It is through the windows of your spirit that I manifest the greatest accomplishments in your life. It’s a matter of SHALOM knowing I AM aways with You, doing, that which You, cannot do for yourself. We are in partnership a Holy Partnership that Trusts one another, to accomplish, as it is, Ordained & Purposed by our Abba who’s vision is always directed for your good. Abba’s Might Hand prevailing overshadowing all that is in yours. You need only be still and know that I Am God, the Author & Finisher of your life. Nothing is Impossible for You, as, it is WRITTEN. Therefore, My Beloved Rest in MYSELF who loves to be in your company and together, we will do GREAT & AWESOME things for the GLORY of our Papa GOD. HALLELUJAH AMEN.
Love Jesus.



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