Whispers in the Wind!


A Lover Affair is in the Heart of our Lord over U & me. His heart’s desire manifesting in the heart’s of those who call upon him as LORD & SAVIOR in their lives. Gently drawing others, that are dead in spirit, with minds held in darkness and body’s that carry dease within them. He call’s pthem forth to nestle in His bosom where his light shines, bringing forth His Abundance he has portion off for them, before time & eternity.

When he was still contemplating creation. When he dreamed of a companion, a bride of His Own. Holding her in his arms, loving, protecting and sharing Himself with her.

The beauty within to be manifest in all his creation as his greatest Joy. So, he put forth his word & plan. Powerfully calling forth eternity & time creating in His DELIGHT & JOY. Slowly he worked meticulously every detail perfect in every way, kind of it’s kind seed bearing. Each each seed filled with life. Bearing after it’s own kind, then, the ultimate creation of all as angels watched him work. Handful of dust designed & wonderfully made after his own image. He had created, BEAUTY beyond measure, then, he breathed his first breath into those tiny nostrils and life filled it’s lung with AWE. That image of Himself, arose breathing for the first time, eyes wide open, savoring it’s environment. A garden filled & complete, made just for him to enjoy. His creator watch in Awe heart beating at a thunderous pace and now he had a friend to share his wonder & splendors with. As his image turned to look into His face, there was Awe written all over his face. His creator called him Adam. Spoke gently to him and gave him, demonion, rule & power over all he had made and it was good. Adam rested with is Creator at the end of that last day of creation & moved into His Creator’s Rest as all was made for him to Rest in His Shabbat Sabbath, Rest. Adam was to walk in his Creators Sabbath Rest. Going forth building through the same ABLITY his creator had done and given him.

GOD watched Adam explore and name all he had made as the creatures created, come, two by two before him. Then, sadness, filled God’s heart as Adams face become filled with despair with each passing pair. Sadness had filled Adams being just like it had his creator before all eternity & time when GOD was alone within himself. Adam cried, “Where is she my counterpart. Is there not one for me? I will even die in the ground to receive her through a seed that falls to the ground dies and come forth multiplied in it’s self. God knew that looking & feeling, emptiness & longing as he held that same desire with himself, hungering for his Eve. So, Adam lay down and slept in the dust, as if died. God his creator opened his side where his counterpart was hidden, removing a rib, fashioned, her from it, that, she would be bone of Adam’s bone & flesh of his flesh, one with himself, again. As God worked, he was looking deep within himself to that place he had portion off, His Eve. And from that he fashion Eve in that fashion. Once finished all His Heavenly hosts stood in Awe. Their creator had brought forth his own heartbeat that would one day share his love & joy. Then, he sent her off to explore his creation and see what she would do. As she ran so she breathed in intoxicated with God’s Creation. Seeing, all was in pairs of two by two, she wonder where her counterpart was? Cry out loud, “Where is he?” God said, “Follow your instinct he is waiting for U”. Like a gazelle she sped off, allowing, her instincts to guide her, westward. At that same moment, Adam awoke from his sleep, immediately feeling his side, and realizing something, was missing for him. Crying out to His God, “Where is she?” Bone of my bone & flesh of my flesh? Adam’s excitement overwhelmed him, bouncing up and down he ran drawn to her. Knowing she was out there somewhere. Both running towards the garden of Eden. Then, suddenly Adam, saw something. “Is it her.” again movement. Until finally they collided into each others arms. Love oozing out of each other. Adam shouting, “Bone of my Bone & flesh of my flesh, My Eve.” Together as one, made whole in each other, holy matrimony. Adam whispers, “So this is what is meant to give & receive LOVE. What bliss!!!!

God watched with Joy in His heart, looking back or was it forward to His Eve, spirit of his spirit in Holy Matrimony. His whole being anticipating that very moment.

His angel in Awe wondered, when & how that would become possible!!

Can U see it. God is in LOVE with U & me. We are His portion, His past, present & future. Spirit of His Spirit. Jesus incarnate indwelling within our spirit. Just like Adam received Eve so our Jesus receives U and ignites his Spirit within ours in HIS AGAPE. U are His Dream & Bride.

GOD BLESS U enjoy our LOVER JESUS AGAPE – Loving Him as He so PASSIONATELY LOVES, U & me. Shalom.



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