Whispers in the Wind!


Have U savored the Goodness of our LORD embracing You today in His Delight over You. Yes, His right there with U right this very second. His arms are open wide to Hug You. It’s His great pleasure and happiness to touch you. Listen to His Spirit within You drawing, You ever closer to HIMSELF. Forget all your troubles lay them down at his feet and allow Him to dress You, in HIMSELF. Gently he takes hold of You smothering all those concerns You have. Replacing them, with clarity of how to handle each one in His Faith. Leading You into His Pastures Green where You can drink from His Living Water and bath in His river of Agape. Slowly You rise into that place his has prepared for You, eons ago. Now, it is your turn to enjoy His wondrous company, leading You into His Splendorous Shalom. Dining at our Daddy’s table, filled with delicacies & quiescence beyond your wildest imagination; love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness. A melody begins to form within you, filling the atmosphere, your spirit and your heart leaps for Joy. Everything is just, perfect.

Can U feel his touch?
Can U hear His gentle voice?

Saying, “Come & dine with me, I have much to show You. I Agape You in Myself. Be of Good Cheer, My Beloved Bride. I want You to know me in a very Special way, come let’s enjoy each other. I have such a love for You, my heart breaks & melts, when I look at You. You are so Beautiful, My Love.”

ENJOY Beloved Reader, JESUS’ company. SHALOM SHALOM.



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