Whispers in the Wind!


The HEAVEN’s above are filled with Electrifying Electrical Explosive Power streaming down from our Heavenly Daddy’s Throne. Bellows of snow white clouds of smoke rise up and all of Heaven stands in AWE & abated breath, in anticipation that ….. something so Wonderful & Amazing is about to happen. The Brilliance of The LORD JESUS Beauty is static and tangible ……………. ALIVE…………..
The whole atmosphere around JESUS radiates with His Glory filling the HEAVEN’s with technicolor and thunderous bolts of LIGHTNING.

The Great Witnesses in Heaven and Angel’s, that, Mighty Army of Heaven, senses something Miraculous is brewing and about to happen. Standing ready their post, for their Commanding Chief’s, JESUS, command to give them, HIS WORD of instruction.

Then ……… suddenly The HEAVEN’s are parted and THE GLORY of THE LORD touches earth with His SPLENDOR. He stretches out his arm with His Septa in hand, anoints those who are calling out to him from the earth. His SPIRIT hovering over them ready to do Father’s Will and establish His Word upon the earth through them. Empowering them with HIS POWER & AUTHORITY drawing, the lost, heal the sick, turning the minds of man towards HEAVEN’s GLORY, JESUS. The Might of The LORD becomes evident in the heart’s of his prayer warriors, JESUS is moving in and through them. Their prayer’s become filled with Fire & Brimstone, speaking, life into the earth. Majestic Blinding, LIGHT fills them, as they speak, HOLY SPIRIT prompting them of what to utter, signs and wonder from above begin to materialize, manifest in the heart’s of man. Each soul & spirit touched, falls upon their knees in AWE as their darkness is lifted, turned into Dazzling Brilliant LIGHT glowing through them with FIRE burning in their heart’s. The GENTLENESS of JESUS SPIRIT causes a whaling to erupt with tears of JOY. Prisoner’s that have been held captive in dark dungeons, miraculously are opened and set free.

Can U see?
Can U touch?
Can U smell that sweet pungent Aroma of THE LORD JESUS surrounding U?
Can U perceive THE GLORY OF THE LORD JESUS is upon U, right NOW, BELOVED??

Savior the moment, enjoy it’s POWER – GRACE and MERCY bestowed upon YOU in JESUS’s AGAPE-LOVE for YOU.

Then……ARISE – ARISE – ARISE and go forth. JESUS has stirred Himself on your behalf and heard your heartfelt cry for HIS GLORY to be manifest in and through your life and the world U live in.

ARISE – ARISE – ARISE and be filled with AWE, JOY & Anticipation in CHRIST JESUS NAME. AMEN.




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