Whispers in the Wind!


Hello Dear Reader,

I greet U in The Lovely Name of our KING JESUS. May your TODAY SHINE IN THE SUN SHINE of our LORD. HIM being your centre, BLESSING U in HIMSELF. That U overflow continuously with HIS JOY & LAUGHTER. A never ending river of contentment overshadows U to BLESS U with HEAVEN’s DEW flowing in and through U, from our HEAVENLY FATHER’s THRONE. U are NEVER ALONE, as, U are THE APPLE OF OUR LORD’s EYE.

HIS HOLY SPIRIT our teacher & guide fills U & me with assurance this day was especially made for us to REJOICE IN. It is like no other day as it’s filled with EXPLOSIVE SPLENDOUR in AGAPE-LOVE that surpasses all earthly wisdom and turns our DAY into BRIGHT SPARKLING LIGHT that overcomes all darkness overshadowing us.

So, ARISE MOST BELOVED CHILD of GOD MOST HIGH filled with expectation & anticipation. U are LOVED & BELOVED beyond measure. In other word’s GOD BLESS & keep U in HIMSELF. Amen in THE GLORIOUS ALL POWERFUL LOVING NAME of JESUS. AMEN. SHALOM never ending, encircles U & me. AMEN MWA.



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