Whispers in the Wind!


I’ve realized in life, it’s only, what, I put into it, that reaps me, Joy or sadness. Nothing can hold me back but me. I know what U’re thinking,” U’re, only finding that out now?” No, but, an in-depth look at myself. Reflects, the way, I see myself & sends out, a vibration of, who, I perceive, myself to be. Every emotion, I display gives off an aroma & tells those around me, who, I am. Their perception of me, is my state of mind towards myself and those around me. My outward appearance, the way I dress, walk, talk, move all tells, a story, of who, I am. My strengths & weakness all add to telling the secret of Who, I am. The way, I perceive myself, relays a message. Whether, I’m confident & at peace with myself or confused and not confident of, who, I am. Causes, those around me, to react to me in the manner, I see, myself. No matter, how hard, I try to hide, my emotion, of who, I, see myself to be. Causes a direct reaction to what I believe about myself. Will be reflected by the response I will receive, from the company I am in. If, I’m full of life & joy causes, the world around me, to be at peace with me. If, I give off, anything else, the world, reacts either in pity or ignores me. So, it’s up to me, to find my inner beauty that attracts, the world, to me. Blessing it with the beauty, I have to give. Then, a light will shine within & through me. Touching,the world with my inner beauty & talents, I have been given, to share. Making my life & the world around me a better place to live in. Just because I am, who, I am.

GOD BLESS U with confidence U are BEAUTIFUL & WONDERFULLY MADE. A GIFT & TREASURE with many talents to share. Have a GREAT DAY in JESUS NAME AMEN.



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