Whispers in the Wind!


Do U have giant’s in your life that plague U and make U feel so small & insignificant. Well then it’s time to overcome those giants by allowing yourself to be weak and call upon JESUS who is your strength. His GRACE upon your life is MORE than Sufficient to over come those giants.


I remember years ago, when my hubby and I where going through some real tough & hairy things and nothing seemed to won’t to work right in our lives. With three young children, money was scarce and our business was not really working. Food & clothing was real hard to come by. I was in church one evening praising & worshiping our Lord when I had a vision. In front of me, was this high wall that towered over me, I couldn’t see the top of, it was so high. Satan was standing in front of me, also, towering over me with this big grin on his face. Defying me to try and climb over his wall he had set up in front of me. When our Lord said to me, “Laugh.” and immediately I started to laugh and laugh and laugh by the unction of the Holy Spirit. In amazement, I saw cracks appear in the wall, the more I laughed the more cracks appeared until, that wall came crumbling down, smashed. Satan set up an another wall and that come crumbling down, too. And as I looked at Satan, he become smaller and smaller, until he was as small an ant and eventually vanished. That made me laugh all the more.

Little did I know that while, I was in that vision I was physically laughing out loud and that laughter was so contagious our whole congregation was laughing, too. My Pastor gave into the working of The HOLY SPIRIT and many people where healed that night.
After that night every time something happened or I was in need, the Joy of our Lord, filled me and I would start to laugh as the Holy Spirit tickled, me with JOY. My children used to ask me for money and I had none , I burst into laughter. It was as if the Lord had open a door for me that allowed me to receive His Providence. The Laughter has become his provision in my life, and he provided for me, as I laugh at my insufficiency as there is No lack in our Father’s Kingdom he will provide in every situation. Even when at times I can’t fathom out how our Lord is going to do it!!! He always has our best interest at heart. Amazingly, through many different ways he gives to us in the Most Amazing ways we could ever imagine possible. His LAUGHTER is so POWERFUL.

May our LORD fill your life with His LAUGHTER that in your weakness HIS GRACE is SUFFICIENT for U and His POWER is MANIFEST in and through your life. HALLELUJAH. GOD BLESS U with LAUGHTER from our DADDY’s THRONE. AMEN in CHRIST JESUS NAME AMEN.




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