Whispers in the Wind!


Balloons of all colors, shapes and sizes filled the sky floating upward effortlessly. Blazing JOY steering back at me, as I beheld this Glorious site floats high in the sky. I wondered where all this JOY had came from??

When deep within me, come the voice that sets my heart ablaze said, ” When U look up to me, I will fill your life with many colors, people who shine like those balloons. Your life in shades of many colors that cause all who look at U to see, the beauty I have instilled within U. The different colors of your life express difference facets in your life. The brighter the colors the greater has been the experiences U have encountered in your life & has caused U to radiate those experiences in COLOURFUL BEAUTY. Enriching your environment around U. U see, as life deals U it’s cards, it depends on how U perceive them, that determines the result U will achieve. Even with a bad hand U have the opportunity to still, win. The more positive your attitude IS in life’s dealings, the greater, the reward will be. Through a Positive Attitude U draw from a source that has the ABLITY to turn any & every situation in your FAVOUR. The More U take hold of life’s dealings and enjoy the challenges they present the greater is your ABLITY to overcome them. Through every adversity there is a difinite solution, that takes U on a journey of exploration & builds tenacity within U of how best to handle that situation & future circumstances, with confidence & assurance. The answer hidden IS deep within U draws you towards SUCCESS. Sometimes, it takes time to develop an understanding to perceive the answers that seems to elude U, but, if U stick with it, U will find the solution that leads U, to Success. In everything U need to allow the One who holds your future in His Hand to do all the behind the sense work, first, so that at just the right time U will achieve the purpose for which that challenge presented can be resolved. In all things U have to first pray, wait and then, follow. When, U do this, your life becomes an exciting adventure that causes the blood in your veins to pump adrenaline heightening, your mind to think with clarity, acutely a tuning your senses to become more sensitive, experiencing, a new awareness that, will finally, bear U untold fruit. U, where not conscience of when U first started. A new dimension arises & is added to the mix that opens new opportunity’s U could have easierly missed had U not lingered and waited for the solution to manifest itself. Now armed with the power to focus more focused achieving more than expected, from the hand U where originally dealt, looked, hopeless & disastrous has now attained for U an Opportunity that was camiflaged, hidden, just below the surface. Excitement will arise at the out come, with pure exuberance of colourful JOY this adventure has brought U to a place of PURE SHALOM & FELICITY. HALLELUJAH the answers comes forth like a flood and just like those balloons high in the sky demonstrate wonder & beauty so your life reveals the Beauty hidden deep within us, Blazes forth, bringing U untold JOY & DELIGHT.”

GOD BLESS U. SHALOM BELOVED. U never know what is hidden behind the dark clouds in you life until U focus your attention rather on a SILVER LINING around it. </em>




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