Whispers in the Wind!


Hello, Beautiful Rose in the midst of our Daddy’s garden. Today I won’t to invite U to come with Jesus & I for a walk in his garden of AGAPE-LOVE.
Take time to breath in the sweetness. Let the different aromas fill your lungs, until U are filled with AWE. Allow it to dress U in our Kings fine linen arrayed in rich colors that opens your eyes to see THE BEAUTY of our LORD.

The flowers in HIS GARDEN, are alive, with life that brings a senses of Peace & Contentment which is beyond understanding with the finite mind, only the Spirit can interpret the Splendor of each one. As they speak a language that is PURE LOVE totally submerged in FATHER’s AGAPE- LOVE.

Each flower has it’s own sweet smell, generated from our LORD’s own special fragrance he has instill within each one, unique only to that flower.

Now, listen to the gentle music from his fountain of JOY. AND dance with us, letting your spirit go, rising, filled with pure tranquility. Gently our Lord lifts U & me upon his strong shoulders and carries us to his most favorite place in the garden. Our eyes feast upon the majesty of what is set before us. Breathless, we gasp overwhelmed by the bounty of His Beauty sprinkled within us. Nothing matters, now, as long we are in JESUS, his Purity causes us to see the Majesty of His Splendor warmly saturating every part of our being & everything that touches our lives. Filling us with Vision that makes all things POSSIBLE. We just stand breathless in the magnitude of His Glory enveloping us in His embrace never allowing us to falter, been drawn deep where deep meets deep. Our imagination goes wild with expectation for those things ordained for us to accomplish in His own ABLITY and Strength.

ARISE & SHINE BELOVED. U are Beautiful, Wonderfully made in JESUS’s Beauty. Just open your arms and receive HIM. AND ………….. Your life will never be the same again.



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