Whispers in the Wind!


LOVE DEVINE here I come to U once again, just I am. Nothing much to offer U but myself. In ADORATION I nestle close to U. Allowing U to be the centre of my life. And in this very moment, my spirit rises filled with contentment, ’cause U are near. What bliss envelops me in these quiet times. Stillness that makes my heart explode with Joy nothing else matters but to sit content in your Presence. THANK U, LORD for your gentle SPIRIT that touches mine. I LOVE U.

My Little Dove, it is my Joy to listen to your heart, it beats a melody of JOY that causes The Kingdom to explode with a THUNDEROUS JOY. Come, walk with me and I will show U, Our FATHER’s GLORY set aside for U.

Never, underestimate the JOY of our Father over U. No matter your circumstances draw near to me and U will find that in an instant MY AGAPE …… will still your spirit and calm the raging storm around U. Never letting U go for one minute. My Love is made complete in U. Little by little U will see My Hand at work in your life. Smoothing out all the bumps & curves along the way. Always drawing out of U a new vision of hope, that will cause, U to overcome self & all that ails U.

U see, My Love, it is not a matter of U, doing, it is more a matter of knowing who, holds U. When, U can rest in that knowledge, your life, takes on a new passona – changed into a life of rest. Full in every area & facet of your life – a new – NOW it is no longer U but ME overcoming for U. It is already done, U just have to RECEIVE in FAITH. I do the REST. <em>SHALOM, My SHALOM Overshadows & Blesses U in MYSELF.
Love Jesus.




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