Whispers in the Wind!


Hello Beloved. Let’s Pray for God’s Will to be done in our lives that our world will be touched & blessed through in & through our lives with JESUS.

Our Beloved Almighty and Glorious Father God, Our Jehovah who sits upon the Throne of GRACE & MERCY & All Creation in CHRIST JESUS NAME. We come before your Throne, bowing before U asking U by unction of your Blessed Holy Spirit to be in control of our day. Tell us, your will that U have ordained for this day to Bless U. Let your Will be done in our lives as it is done in heaven. Grant us, Wisdom & understanding to walk in Jesus’s footsteps & dressed in His fine linen as we go forth, Your Presence will be evident. Not us but U, Lord, having your way in every challenge set before us. No matter, the circumstances, we will rest assured in your SABBAT SABBETH REST, knowing that in all things U will cause them, to be for our good and YOUR GLORY. Teach us, to be still in the midst of the storm, our eyes firmly focused on JESUS, who calms every storm in our lives giving us peace of mind & tranquility. We wait on U, LORD. Speak into our spirits that we would rise in your Name and accomplish every task U have set before us in your Strength & Ability. We know our lives are in your Loving hands, are Blessed under your Righteous Covering, covers us in your Holiness. Hidden under your wing, like a mother hen protects her chicks. So, we simply say, THANK YOU, FATHER in CHRIST JESUS NAME & AMEN.

GOD BLESS U Beloved Joy & Delight of our LORD. Father will open every door he has Purposed for U to go through, with His Mighty outstretched hand. He will move every boulder out of your way, giving U, Victory in JESUS NAME. SHALOM takes hold of your hand, granting U PEACE beyond your wildest imagination. AMAZING U at every turn.

ARISE & SHINE Beloved – our Emmanuel – Jesus accompanies U on your days journey with him. Shalom.

Have an AWESOME JESUS day. 20120706-110727.jpg


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