Whispers in the Wind!

HELLO & GOOD MORNING BLESSED CHILD nestled in our KING’s loving arms. I thought today I would share a conversation I had with our LORD, as I know it will bless U as it is our heartbeat. ENJOY let it be U speaking with our LORD. SHALOM. GOD BLESS U uplifting U in HIS BLESSEDNESS. Here it is.

My Prayer.

My JEHOVAH GOD, My Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit what wonder U have bestowed upon me. That, I can listen to your Words of Goodness U have bestowed upon David & Solomon. It encourages me to keep moving forward. I am but, small but in yr hand I am made great. Not by what I do but rather what U have ordained for my life. It is no small thing U have done for me a mere speckle of dust. Everything about my life is written in yr book about me, I am just the vessel U have chosen to bring to life, the character U have chosen for me, to enact in yr tapestry of life. Therefore, I humbly bow my knee, prostrating myself before U in ADORATION. EVEN, these words I write belong to U. Everything in my life, is yours. I am honoured to be your bond servant. It gives me such great pleasure & joy to follow in yr footsteps. I only ask that I may always sit at yr feet, listening to yr voice & accompany U in whatever U have planned for me, TODAY with U. Right now, I am so empty, I long to sit in yr presence. I know I am in yr presence, dressed in yr presence I just long for MORE & MORE of U. To speak to U, and of U to those U have ordained for me, to touch with U. I myself don’t know how to do that, I totally rely on yr unction Holy Spirit. Come, MY LORD JESUS, COME. I need & won’t U to be my CENTRE in this day, U have created for me to REJOICE IN with U. THK U THK U. I LIVE FOR U & LOVE U. I ache for U. Fill me once again My JEHOVAH EL- OLAM – MY JEHOVAH ELOHIM – MY GOD.

FATHER’s answer.

My Beloved child HEPHZIBAH here I Am, listening to yr heartbeat. I will never leave or forsake U. I AGAPE U in MYSELF. COME, closer to me and I will show U deep things U know not, things hidden for those who seek to know me, in intimacy. U have been granted yr hearts desire to just sit with me like an old friend and enjoying each others company. Just being together is enough, I know that is all U ask. So, enjoy my child, My PRESENCE is always overshadowing U. I love to listen to your heartbeat, the melody within U is so beautiful & joyous. Even, when U cannot see what is ahead of U. U rest confident in My Love for U. Nothing is more beautiful than to sit content in each others presence. Don’t worry I have BLESSED U to be a BLESSING every which way U go is BLESSED as MY GOODNESS – FAVOUR & STATURE accompany U. All U have to do is follow my lead, as Paracletus
gives U unction. When, one learns how to walk in the unction of My Holy Spirit then ALL things become POSSIBLE to U. As it is a matter of TRUST in who I AM in yr life. The essence of who, I have ordained U to be. Each step U take is Purposed & Ordained for My Glory. Establishing My Kingdom in & thru yr life. As U Rest in Me so I can guide U into things beyond your understanding enlarging your boundaries, stretch yr tent pegs in every direction. Prospering U in great measure, adding to yr life GREATNESS in MYSELF. As, U r My Witness & Testimony of MY GLORY. SHALOM MY DELIGHT & JOY – MY HEPHZIBAH.
Lv Father.

NOW close your eyes and breath in deeply and let his WORD penetrate your spirit, mind & body until U receive the full measure of HIS AGAPE carrying U into HIMSELF. BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED your spirit rises in SONG & SHALOM JOY. GOD BLESS U BELOVED JEWEL & GREAT TREASURE IN JESUS. AMEN in JESUS NAME. AMEN.
Matthew 6:9-13. Amen.



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