Whispers in the Wind!



The Gift of our Father’s LOVE in JESUS.

When we walk in the LIGHT of our Father’s LOVE given to us in JESUS, we encounter the happiness that comes from our Father.
It was his express JOY to send His Only Begotten Son into the world that
we, his creation would receive His Ultimate Gift.
Life in Eternity with Him, through His Son, JESUS.
It was his purpose that we would learn from His LOVE and sacrifice the TRUE meaning of His GRACE.
Nothing is more important to our Father than to reveal His LOVE towards
us even at the cost of sacrificing His Beloved, for our sake’s.

To LOVE in this way is to die to that which is most important to
oneself. It is the Ultimate Gift of a Life with the Father

Nothing is more IMPORTANT to Him than to have his children nestled around him.
How could he bear to see HIS IMAGE in the midst of sin. Darkness and eternal damnation. His heart bleed for us. The beauty he had created in Adam & Eve, destroyed by his own handiwork, in Lucifer, his fallen angel.


He knew in advance that he would have to have a plan in place to redeem his Masterpiece, in Adam & Eve. The loss of never been able to share all his great works with the image he had created in Adam & Eve. Was not an opposition to Him, he had devised a wondrous plan before creation to redeem and restore, them. That includes – You and Me.
Through His Own Gift in His Beloved Immanuel – GOD IS WITH US.
His Purpose for Man would not be foiled. HE set forth the parameters for His fallen angel, setting, the stage that would bring his GLORIOUS PLAN to fruitation. At last, fellowship with YOU & Me through JESUS’s AGAPE-LOVE upon a CROSS – REDEMPTION – FORGIVENESS – RESURRECTION POWER LOOSED – ETERNITY with HIS BELOVED JOY & DELIGHT.
Can You imagine the LOVE of our Creator that he would give HIS GREATEST JOY – JESUS – for us, mere dust, HIS SON upon a CROSS. Foiling the devils plans.

Then, RELEASING – HIS POWER as we Look Upon that CROSS in REPENTANCE. HOLY SPIRIT THE DEVINE LOVER takes up residence within our lives, turning our darkness into HIS BRIGHT DAZZLING LIGHT – SHINING in & through us. .



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