Whispers in the Wind!



The Gift of Innocence’s.
A Child is playing in her back garden, building a castle, with branches & flowers. Putting bright shiny stones around the edge of entrance. The sunlight catching the edges of the stones makes, them sparkle & glitter in the light, like diamonds, her creation looks, like a Wonderland. The child decides she needs to collect more things from the house to add to her creation. Blankets to make the roof & walls, covering the branches of her castle, pillows for the floor. Then out comes all her toys, Mr. Bow Jangle, her teddy bear, her Barbie dolls, Rosie her walkie talky doll, and other dolls, she sets them up around a her toy table & chairs. Where she has laid a table cloth over the little table, placed, her tea set out with cookies from Mom’s cookie jar. Even the dog & cat are invited to join in, she has dressed them up in old clothes from the mom’s cupboard set aside for the needy. As, the little child entertains her guests, filling their tea cups with imaginary tea, filled with chatter & laughter, her mother watches from the kitchen window, her own heart filled with Joy at how much fun her daughter is having, in her make believe world. She marvels at the imagination of her child. How her mannerisms are so such a like her own. It’s like looking through, a mirror at herself. Tears roll down her eyes with delight and happiness. She wonders to herself how wonderful her life is, her little angel, dressed in her own, high heels and one of her brightly coloured party dresses. What a picture is set before her.
Mom, wonders to herself, if, that is what Jesus her LORD, feels when He looks down upon us.



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  1. Heart warming my love

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