Whispers in the Wind!



Can you imagine, if, your Dad came to You, one day and said, “I love you. And I miss your brother Adam and Eve his wife, so much. I won’t you to save them and bring them home too, me.”

You answer, “What do I have to do!!!”

Your Dad answers, “What you will have to do is leave home, here with me, and all it’s comfort and dress yourself up in the rags and live like, a bagger, having no earthly wealth. Then, you must be willing to take upon yourself all their sin’s from the beginning, when they left us, right up to the end of time. It won’t be an easy assignment Satan their new master & supposed friend, will tempt you in your weakened state, just like he did to them. He will try to get you, to bow down to him, and in return, he will promise you money, fame, riches of the world with all it’s glitter & charm, and to make you famous. When you resist him, he will challenge you and try to be very persevere, just like he was with Adam and Eve, stripping them of their relationship with us and their rightful, inheritance. You will be a man sorrow, a teacher to the masses, preforming miraculous signs and wonders, healing people, revealing what our home is like. But, you will have opposition facing the religious Pharisees who will hate you with hatred, you will sweat drops of blood, they will beat you, spitting at you and scourging your body and mocking you, finally, you will stand trail and sentenced to death on a cross. As, you will have to pay the ultimate price for their souls with your life, upon a cross, like a criminal. So treble is this assignment my heart brakes and cries out for another way, the worst being, I will not be able look upon you, when all their sin, comes upon you. You will experience abandonment & loneliness. But, if, you do this, I restore you to your full glory with me and I will raise you up from the grave. Then, Adam and Eve, will not held guilty for their sins against me anymore and I will receive them home into my Glory again. As they looks up at you upon The Cross and asks, me to heal & forgive them of their sin. I will, restore them, and give them, an inheritance with you in My Glory.

Do you think you can do this for me?

So, what would You say and do!!!!

This what JESUS did for You & me!!!!!

What can we say, but, THANK YOU JESUS.

Send me your comments. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
God Bless You. SHALOM.


Comments on: "WHAT WOULD U DO!!!!" (2)

  1. Lynda JOnes said:

    You are right Felicity…thank you JESUS. We would never get it right that is why GOD sent HIM, Now all the FATHER asks us to do is to believe in HIS SON. Question? Can we do that? As it is our purpose to bring the Adams and the Eves to HIM now by sharing and spreading the GOSPEL. Question? Will we do that?

    • It’s a matter of understanding the full measure & extent of what JESUS has done for us. Then, the Adam’s & Eve’s of the world will come, as, we LOVE them unconditional as JESUS has LOVED US. We will not look at the ugliness of world, we live in, our eyes will only see the Beauty & potential JESUS saw in us. And follow in HIS
      STEPS touching as HOLY SPIRIT gives us, unction. In other words it’s a
      mindset set in LOVE with it’s creator who was & is willing to make the
      ultimate SACRIFICE to have a meaningful relation with HIS ULTIMATE & HIGHEST CREATION – ADAM & EVE – U & me.

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