Whispers in the Wind!



What are the treasures we have inherited from our LORD? Are they not, solace & peace of mind!!!
How do we attain this precious comfort!!!
Is it not, as, we quietly await upon JESUS, to finish the work he has started in our lives. Touching us, gently to receive, Him at His WORD. Always assured he has our best interest at heart. Through every trail, we face, we learn to rest in the midst of the onslaught to TRUST HIM.
At first, small blessings and then, greater ones, as, we, grow in Faith, to TRUST and obey His lead. HIS CAPABLE LOVING hands, always ready to Bless us, as, we surrender more and more of our lives into HIS Loving care, our greatest fears disinter grate. Learning, not to relying on our own understanding, that often, leads us astray. We learn that, which, we cannot see is MORE POWERFUL, then, what we see. Heaven’s INFINITE POWER is always at work, drawing us into a greater relationship, with our DEVINE LOVER – JESUS.
HOLY SPIRIT, our guardian, silences our fears with WORD’s of encouragement.” Be still, do not fear, GOD IS WITH U. REST, assured U are safe & protected. Be at PEACE, SHALOM-PEACE – envelops U in DEVINE LOVE from above.”
We nestle up closes to our GREAT SHEPHERD, who’s staff is our rod of Salvation. Safe & secure in His warmth overshadowing us, BELOVED – beyond measure. SHALOM.


Comments on: "DEVINE COMFORT" (2)

  1. Lynda JOnes said:

    good job Felicity. You have designed another media to share the GOSPEL. You will be reaching the loss and strengthening the saved. Enjoy your assignment and may GOD greatly bless you…

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