Whispers in the Wind!


When I think of being LO20111112-014755.jpgVED, I think of being cared for by those around me. Holding me, up, when, I’m down & carrying me, when, I can’t carry myself. When, my world around me gets,too, heavy for me to carry, Do you have someone like that !!!!
Would you like to meet someone like that? Someone who is never to busy to help you.
Let me introduce you to my friend JESUS, who is that type of friend, who is always, willing and able. He is more than a friend, His my life. I can depend upon Him, His, the One who has carried me and LOVED me, through so many hard things in my life. He is so gentle always allowing me time to find my way and grow in His strength and unconditional LOVE. HE LOVES me, warts and all, my strong shoulder to lean on.

Let me introduce you too, my friend, JESUS, and tell you how I met him, in the most amazing way.

It was over twenty years ago, 1985, we where visiting in The States of America, Baltimore, Maryland. We had come to see, what, the big wide world had to offer us. My husband, Larry, was working for a company just 2 blocks from the White House, as an engineer on one of the buildings, being built, there. He, met a man by the name of Joe and they become good friends, he and his wife invited us, to church. We weren’t Christians or born again, we just knew about GOD. So, we went with them to their church, and while in the service, the most amazing thing happened to me!

The church, was in an enormous building, holding 4000 people in one service. As, I looked around, the music was playing and
the people were clapping their hands, jumping and dancing filled with so much JOY. I just didn’t understand why these people where so happy, but I LOVED IT. “Is this church, I wondered to myself!!” Where, we come from in South Africa, members of the Anglican Church, church, was serious business, solemn and proper, no clapping or dancing. Quiet and somber. This would have been frown upon. But, this church was alive and full of energy. It made me feel, warm all over, and so alive. I love to dance, so, I, joined in. The more I danced, the happier I become. I just didn’t wont the music to stop playing, I was enjoying myself too much and having, fun.

Finally, the music stopped, and everyone sat down. The Preacher stepped up to the mic and started sharing his word with the congregation, but, I didn’t hear a word as, something wonderful was happening within me. This glow of warmth filled my whole being with unconditional love. Just can’t explain to you, how, wonderful it made me feel. Wrapped, in a cocoon of LOVE flooding and accepting me, for who, I am. A stupendous wonderful acceptance of LOVE, I had never experienced before.

At the end of the service, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness rising up within me and I wonted to thank, this church, for what, I had experience, so, I walked to the front of the church. Where, the preacher had invited people to come forward for prayer. There, where people, praying for those that had, come forward. I waited my turn and when, I got to the front, I was asked what they could pray for me. I said,” I won’t to give Thanks to GOD for bringing me, here. ” The person who asked me, looked at me, filled with JOY and dismay written, all over his face. He called for other, members to standing with him, while he prayed, for me. I was surrounded in a cocoon, just as, I felt throughout the service. He said, to me, “No one has ever asked him to pray a prayer of thanks, especially, the first time visitors. As they prayed for me, I felt so lite and whole, being, drenched in peace and joy, LOVED. I knew, I was in the right place for the first time. Oh, what JOY, it was so gloriously wonderful.

After towards, Joe and his wife, invited us for lunch and blessed us in every way they could. Never, pushing us or even asking me, “Why, I went forward”, as if, they knew something, I didn’t.

Three days later, while Larry was at work and I was left with our, two children, Dean aged 4 and Robyn, my daughter, aged, eleven months, I went about doing, my household chores, lifting, my voice, singing, as I worked. But, This day, was different, the words, I sang, was in a language, I had never spoken or learnt, before. The more, I sang, the happier, I become and my children seemed to be so calm. The atmosphere, in my home was filled with peace and tranquility. LOVE was there, filling my whole being with Joy. What was this language, I was singing, and what did it mean? I was content, so happy, but, puzzled.

I kept this to myself, I didn’t say a word about it to anyone, not even to Larry, my hubby. For years I was afraid, people would think, I was mad or crazy. The more, I sang in this unknown language, the deeper and more intense become my JOY, it was carrying me and lifting my spirit to a new levels, bathing me in JOY & HAPPINESS.

I was still due, to find out what had happened to me in that church, and how I had met personally the One, who had blessed me in this AMAZING way. It took some three years, before I would begin to understand what was put into motion that day. A story to be told in future posts. SHALOM. GOD BLESS U.


Comments on: "Love Devine eclipsed my heart." (1)

  1. Dean Symington said:

    Beautiful mom, I love you so much thank you for sharing this wonderful story, one I was to young to remember. You have a wonderful gift.

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